myCred Simple Pay

myCred WP Simple Pay add-on enables users to reward points on completing a purchase using WP Simple Pay.

WP Simple Pay is a WordPress payments plugin that allows you to accept one-time payments and recurring payments through your website, designed to work specifically with the Stripe payments service.

WP Simple Pay supports non-card payment methods through Stripe such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH debit, and iDEAL.

For the myCred WP Simple Pay addon to work on your WordPress powered site, you should have myCred (Points Management system) plugin and WP Simple Pay Lite.


Points on All Forms: Admin can reward points on all the WP Simple Pay forms.
Points on Specific Form: Admin can reward points on any specific WP Simple Pay form.
Points Rewarding Limit: Admin can set points rewarding limit like day, week, and month.

For more information please visit documentation.