The Gateway add-on serves as a bridge between myCRED and some of the most popular Store and Event Management plugins. If enabled on a website where a supported store or event management plugin is installed and set up, the add-on will insert myCRED as a payment option.

You can view a live demo of this add-on at our demo shop.

  • Add a product to your cart.
  • Proceed to Cart.
  • Proceed to Checkout.
  • You can see the Pay with myCred gateway in the Your Order section.

Exchange Rate for this demo shop:
1 Dollar = 2 Point

Note: If your point balance is less than the order total then myCred Gateway will not visible on the checkout page.
If you don’t have enough points to test this demo don’t worry you can redeem points from the myCred Coupon.

This is how myCred gateway will see in WooCommerce

For more information please visit Documentation.