myCred Badges List Block

This block allows you to display all published badges that have ever existed on your website and define them under their respective achievement types.

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  • Category Two1
Badge Image

Active Member

The user will get respective points and badge rewards for logging in to the website.
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Dedicated Member

You can earn this badge by completing the steps.
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Frequent Visitor

This could be given to users who have visited the site at least 10 times.
Badge Image

Mission Accomplished

This badge will assign when all "Daily Routine" tasks are completed.
Badge Image


The new user who registers on the website will get respective points and Badge reward.
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Problem Solver

This badge will be assigned when 10 users nominate you for it.
Badge Image


You need to submit the submission form to achieve this badge.
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Video Enthusiast

The user will get the respective points and badge reward for watching the video
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Link Explorer

The user will get respective points and badge rewards when the user clicks on the link.

The shortcode version of this block is [ mycred_badges_list ]

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