myCred GiveWP

myCred GiveWP is a myCred integrated add-on that helps you reward your donors with myCred points when they donate using GiveWP  donation forms. The cases are depending on following scenarios:

  • Award/Deduct points on making a ‘donation’.
  • Award/Deduct points on ‘donation of minimum amount’ (Threshold of specific amount).
  • Award/Deduct points on ‘donation through specific form’.
  • Award badge on making ‘donation’.
  • Award badge on donation of ‘minimum amount’ (Threshold of specific amount).
  • Award badge on ‘donation from specific form’.

Donation Forms

  1. You need to visit here to view all donation forms.
  2. Functionality on Hooks
  3. Functionality on Badges
  4. Shortcode Settings


For more information visit documentation.