Purchase Course using Points

Users can buy courses of their choice by spending points.

Step 1: Enable myCred gateway by going to LifterLMS > Settings> Checkout>myCred

Step 2: In the WordPress admin dashboard go to LifterLMS and click on courses. A new window will appear.

Step 3: Click on any course view button a new window will appear

Step 4: Click on the enroll now button. You will be directed to pick a plan

Step 5: Pick any plan and click on enroll button, a form will appear. Fill the billing information and select Pay with myCred option. Then click on buy now button

Step 6: The order page will appear as shown in the image below:

Step 7: In the backend settings on LifterLMS orders dashboard you will see the user submitted order details.

Step 8: Open the edit order window. There you will see an option of refund. Click on refund button

The refund option fields will expand. There you can add the refund amount and enter the refund note. 

Step 9: As soon as you click on submit manually the amount will be refunded.

Step 10: LifterLMS gives you the option to switch payment gateway if the order status is pending. You can switch from any payment gateway to myCred payment gateway. Click on the update payment method and select pay with myCred option. Then click on save and pay now button