LifterLMS Other Hooks

LifterLMS Lesson, Section, Membership, Plan, Achievement and Certificate Hooks can be used when certain events are completed.

LifterLMS Lessons

LifterLMS Lessons Hook can be used when a lesson of a course is being completed.

Lifter LMS Sections

Lifter LMS Sections Hook award Points to the students who have completed a section of a course.

LifterLMS Membership

As LifterLMS has the feature to create a membership-based course that can be accessed by members only, LifterLMS Membership hook has been integrated into myCred which can award point as the student enrolls as a member.

LifterLMS Plan/Products

Points can be awarded when a student/user purchase a plan from Lifter LMS. 

LifterLMS Achievements

LifterLMS allows earning achievement for different engagements like completing a lesson, LifterLMS Achievements hook can award points for earning an achievement.

LifterLMS Certificates

Certificates are given in LifterLMS for completing courses, now points can also be awarded when a new certificate is assigned to the User.

For detailed information about each hook please visit the documentation.